Clean Space Services

servicesIt’s hard to paint into one box exactly what we do at Clean Space, because every client that we have and every project that we encounter is unique. If you find that your particular need isn’t outlined exactly on this page don’t worry. We can do that, too. Just contact us and we will work the details out.

Services include:

  • Removal – You need to get rid of it? We can do that.
  • Clean Up – You need it cleaned up? We can do that.
  • Organization – You need help getting organized and de-cluttering your everyday life. We can do that.
  • Estate Sales- You don’t want to throw your treasures out but don’t know how to manage an estate sale on site or online? We can do that.
  • Tax Deductions – Yes. We know how to help you get these if you have over $5000.00 worth of donations.

Whatever your need is, we will find a way to help you. It’s that simple.

Talk with Tony about your project